Hi, welcome to our Mental Health Matters – you matter! Blog…. and thank you firstly for stopping by, I hope you find what you need. I guess it would be a good idea to explain a bit about who we are and what the group is about.

So, the group… Well I set the group up last April with the intent of providing support to those dealing with mental health issues. By support I mean attempting to keep a person in a safe place whilst they are either waiting to be seen by professionals, have been discharged from services such as counselling etc or are just needing reassurance that they aren’t alone.

Feeling alone is the major point I have found when struggling with a mental illness and it doesn’t matter if you surround yourself with hundreds of people, unless they understand your isolation it is so hard to explain. For years I have fought with myself and my mind, setting up the group is my attempt to gain some form of control back (which works some days and others I’m to exhausted to fight). For the many people I have talked to (many at stupid o’clock in the morning), just talking to a stranger can help immensely which is what I try to facilitate either through Facebook, telephone, face-to-face for a cuppa and now through my blog.

One thing I have stated from the beginning of the group is that we aren’t miracle workers, nor are we professionals. We do this voluntary because we care and most of my team have either experienced mental health issues at some stage themselves or care for someone who has. We understand that there is so much stigma around mental health, which is why if you look at my mental health matters page on faceboook you will see that I am really open and honest on it. The idea being that if people see me explaining my daily battle with depression etc it provides them an opportunity to talk about how they are feeling. Yes, I have my haters who don’t get the page but I have received so much support from it that the good out weighs the bad.


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